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Never Coming Back - Tim Weaver Wow.

Even the cover of this book is moody and atmospheric. In fact, it really sets the tone for this dark thriller.

This is a series that I'd say you kind of have to read in order. I've read the first David Raker and then jumped to the fourth and I've definitely missed out on a killer story in between. And since the bookshop just doesn't seem to stock the second and third books I've gone and ordered them.

That being said, you can read these books out of order - the important details of previous events are recounted so that you understand what's happened and how the various characters are affected and how it changes them.

This book is vicious and dark and pretty scary, but also pretty heart warming. When the main character is trying to find all of these missing people, it's difficult for a book not to pull on your heart strings. But this one? Oooh my. I actually almost cried at the end. It was such a shock, almost overwhelming.

I love love LOVE this series. It's so dark and gritty and violent and shocking and even though that's usually not my cup of tea I just have to read on. Time Weaver's writing is addictive.