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The Merchant's House-A Wesley Peterson Mystery

The Merchant's House - Kate Ellis It's rare for me to finish a book in just one sitting nowadays when I'm so busy but I managed it with this one. And now I'm desperate to get my hands on the next in the series!

This story is a wonderful blend of modern crime/thriller/mystery and historical conspiracy. And it works so so well.

I couldn't stop turning the pages, reading on. Something about this book just hooked me.

I loved that there was a historical aspect to it. This detective was more than just crime-orientated, he has outside interests and it was a refreshing depth of character to read during my crime binge. And I loved the way his archaeological background related to the story itself and eventually led to its resolve. It made the whole story refreshing and quite addictive.

The characters are strong and I love Rachel's feminist grumbles. It adds an extra layer to her and makes her one of my favourite characters. Why should she get the tea just because she's female?