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Chasing the Dead - Tim Weaver An Awesome Thriller

This debut David Raker thriller by Tim Weaver is excellent. It's actually amazing. British thriller writing at it's best.

It's real and gritty and you really get to know the main character really well. You get to feel him grow and change as the story progresses and the slow reveal of his history adds to the suspense of the book.

I usually don't like violence in books, but the toe-curling, fist-clenching brutal events in this books worked for me. Sure, I felt sick and almost like crying, but I read on. It always toed the line between being too-much and just-enough.

David Raker is a pretty complex character. He has his ups and downs, his history which is slowly revealed throughout the book.

The sense of mystery and suspense in the book borders on epic. It builds and twists and turns all the way up to the stunning finale.

Once I got to the end I wanted to read more. Cur me buying the rest of the series (so far) and it does not disappoint.