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Dreamless - Josephine Angelini The start of this book was actually OK, for the first 10 pages or so and then it went down hill. So... Let's try something different here...


Hi, my name's Helen. I am the absolutely STUNNING AND PERFECT LOOKING protagonist of this book. In fact, I'm the most freaking beautiful girl in the world. No joke. The face that launched a thousand ships and all that. Doesn't matter that beauty is subject to the eyes of the beholder and different cultures have different definitions of beautiful.

Last book, I fell in LURVE with Lucas but then was told that he's my cousin but I still want to get it on with him. Like, really badly. My lips pucker at the sight of him and everything.

Oh, but look! Someone new! Hi there, Orion, I think I fancy you now. Mmmhhmmm.

Everyone keeps telling me that I'm so skinny I look like I should be sectioned. It's not my fault I go down to the underworld every night and walk for days and days and end up getting hurt and this all means that my body needs more energy. And it's SO not my fault that I'd rather dick around flying in the sky than have my dinner after having only some pancakes for breakfast and a sandwich after school. It's not my fault I'm skinny and I wish everyone would get off my back about eating even though I don't eat.

Oh, and I'm falling behind in my school work because I literally don't sleep and I rarely eat. And I don't have time to do my homework cause I'd rather be pissing around flying. But don't worry, I'm not bottom of the class or anything. I'm Mary Sue. I mean, I'm Helen. How could I be bottom of the class?

Oh, did I mention that I'm also immensely powerful? But I don't know it. Or course. I mean, if I knew I was so powerful and actually used the power, I'd be a slightly more complex character rather than a bland-as-paint-drying-Mary-Sue.


Yeah, I didn't like this book. I mean, I quite liked Helen's torture at the beginning. That was interesting. But I definitely did not like her woe-is-me-everyone's-getting-at-me-and-it's-not-my-fault-blah-blah-blah selfish yet selfless personality. Urgh. Grow up, eat a freaking sandwich and get your priorities right you selfish little child.