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Dear Rockstar

Dear Rockstar - Emme Rollins This book annoyed me quite a bit.

The characters were juvenile and the setting was juvenile. It felt almost like the academy was an excuse to write your typical YA school drama but have an excuse to add lots of graphic sex. New Adult, I think NOT.

Sara was a little bit bat-shit. Well, more than a little. She'd doodles on her notebook Sara loves Vincent like an obsessed 12 year old. Only she's not an obsessed 12 year old. She's an obsessed adult who's borderline stalker with her plans to get close to the ageing rockstar. It's kinda no wonder she failed high-school, supposed drama the previous year aside.

And drama. Wowsers. Hand some drama to an overexcited fan-fic writer and something like this is what you'll end up with. There's a bit of every fan-fic cliché in this.

This ended exactly was I predicted, a little too perfect and happily-ever-after for me. And that was probably what really annoyed me the most. The predictability of the whole damn story. It made Sara seem even more thick-as-a-plank.