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Emerald Atlas (Books of Beginning)

The Emerald Atlas  - John  Stephens WOW.

This was as magical as Harry Potter and as epic as Narnia. The Emerald Atlas was simply a delight to read.

This is a fantastic children's fantasy. The characters are engaging and each has their own personality, making it easy to relate to at least one. And they have flaws. They have real believable flaws.

The world is simply enchanting. It is built so well that I could imagine it all so well - at points I wondered to myself if there had been a dramatisation of this made because it really came to life. There are your common fantasy races like dwarves and witches, but then there are some brand new - and quite terrifying! - additions.

The plot is fantastic - there are aspects of mystery that don't end as you think they will. It twists and turns and helps to weave this marvellous story. And that ending. Just when you think everything has calmed down, that everything is going to be OK now... Well, I don't want to spoil it for you.

When I finished this I was left with that slightly empty yet expectant feeling that I have very rarely felt. This is a really powerful start to the series.

I can't wait to read on.