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Leftovers - Stella Newman A fun, flirty novel filled with humour. I was laughing on just about every page and really enjoyed reading this despite the weird looks when I was reading on the bus/train and laughed out-loud. Or snorted. On the plus side I have some recipes to try out, so bonus!

Stella Newman's brand of outrageous humour fits in so well with the story line. It's perfect. I identified so much with Susie; it was almost like I was reading about an older version of myself. I only wish that the whole Jeff thing was better explained, it felt as though he was dropped when he was no longer needed and then just forgotten about.

This story was passionate and well written, as were the characters.

The only downside of this read is that I now want to stuff my face with pasta, wine, banana bread and chocolate mousse. And to redesign my blog. But I have no baking or proper design skills so fingers crossed for the mess that will follow.

If you're looking for something with a happy ending and a hundred laughs to brighten your day, pick this up. My sides still hurt from laughing so much and I'm still getting funny looks from regulars on the commute.

A copy of this book was won via Goodreads Firstreads, that fantastic provider of (mostly) wonderful paperbacks that add to my ever towering library of unstable book piles.