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In Defense of the Queen (Susanna Horenbout & John Parker) (Volume 3)

In Defense of the Queen (Susanna Horenbout & John Parker) (Volume 3) - Michelle Diener A fast paced historical mystery with a nice dollop of international espionage and intrigue. A strange mix but it worked quite well.

This book works on its own as a standalone well enough, despite actually being part of a series. There was little to no explanation of what happened in previous books, with a presumption that any readers of this one were already invested in the series, but that didn't matter to me (and I didn't even notice) until a little over half way where motives became difficult to understand and too much was unknown. But by that time I myself was a little too invested in the story for it to overly bother me. That said, it did lessen my enjoyment.

I thought at first that the action-packed plot had peaked too soon, but the author managed to keep the action coming at the same intensely fast pace. Which is good because when the true action hit and I saw how much there was still to go I was a little apprehensive that the story would fall flat at the end. Good job it didn't!

If you look for accuracy in your historical reads then this is probably not for you. But if you're a fan of The Tudors or action or drama or spies of any sort, then pick this up and give it a go.

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.