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Love, Eternally

Love, Eternally - Morgan O'Neill I'd been looking forward to reading this one since I found out about it - it sounded absolutely fascinating. And it was.

I loved this story, the way it flowed. There was passion and conflict and confusion and lies and love. Everything you could possibly want from any novel.

I liked the historical aspects and how Gigi had to adjust quite fast to the changed world. Knowing a little about Roman history, I would have enjoyed more Latin and historical terms particularly with the bathhouse, but I understand how that could have alienated readers with no knowledge. Regardless, I would have relished the challenge and education that would have provided.

This isn't a story of instant-love. The feelings build as the story progresses. It's the natural flow of a river feelings towards a sea of love. See, it has me all poetic and everything!

I was a little disappointed with the ending, as it didn't make sense to me, not fully. I would have rathered it didn't happen, but it did and I'll still read on in this series as it was such a great, immersing read. I really felt as though I was there and that's the best thing about really good books.