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Watershed - CD Brennan,  Dianne B (Editor) This was such a sweet story. And look! You can read it here on Goodreads!

At first I though "Woah! This is moving FAST!" and was a little worried by how fast they fell for each other. But a few pages later I totally understood why it happened on both parts. It was right for it to happen like that.

I loved the turmoil of both characters caused by their own assumptions of each other. It was a real strength that in this story it felt so REAL. Fergus was a right dick and I was so glad when Maggie stood up to him - she developed so well as a character and her hesitation made her actions and growth believable.

This is a passionate, well-paced New Adult romance and I want to read more of Maggie and Gray! It feels as though there's so much more of their story to tell.

Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy for review - I only wish I'd read it sooner! Now, where's the next one..?