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Witchfall - Victoria Lamb I'm kinda reading these in the wrong order... Random House approved this one before Witchstruck. And it doesn't even matter. In fact, it probably made me rate this better, because my god, is it well written.

Witchfall is very well written and if I hadn't already known it was the second in a series then I probably wouldn't have guessed, this book is SO well written. There are always hints to the past (the previous book) but it never overshadows the present, what's happening in this book.

There was plenty of mystery and a cast of mainly great characters - I guess I only wasn't sure about Meg's brother as he seemed a bit here-and-there with his loyalties.

The baddie is bad and the good characters aren't all that good. This leant a real sense of realism to this historical fantasy, even with the twists fantastical involving historical personalities.

Well worth a read. Now I'm off to read the first one!

Thanks to Random House via Net Galley for a copy of this in exchange for review.