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A January Bride (A Year of Weddings Novella)

A January Bride - Deborah Raney 5 Words: fluffy, romance, letters, mistakes, laughing.

It is now very clear to me that Christian Romance is not my thing. But I got over-excited at the prospect of fluffy romance for rainy days and requested December-May without first reading even one of these novellas.

I have to admit that this was fluffy enough to keep me happy - it's a feel good book with a large amount of humour. I enjoyed the misunderstandings between the characters, they were quite hilarious.

I didn't like how quickly they "fell in love". I really dislike insta-love in most forms, it very rarely works and mostly seems like a get-out-of-jail card when an author can't develop the romance any other way. But I forgive it in this as it is just a novella. And I wouldn't have read a full length novel. I liked the sweet way they started to fall for each other, even with the characters thinking it was inappropriate.

This works as a novella. It's just the right length to pass a stormy afternoon and to cheer you up when the weather is miserable.

I'm going to hedge my bets that this was an uncorrected proof I read and so keep my comments about formatting and grammatical errors to myself. As such, they haven't really informed this review, only made for a little difficultly reading.