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The Other Typist - Suzanne Rindell I don't know how I can properly review this book. My head is still reeling from that ending.

All through the book you think one thing, then near the end another and then the last page, the last words, just completely smash your theory to smithereens.

This book is a delicious mix of 1920s crime, punishment and mystery. Just who are Rose and Odalie, really? I still don't know. Which one is Ginevra? Were either of them ever Ginevra?

I am a sucker for a poisonous relationship in a book and all that it can bring, and this one is TOXIC. Odalie is mesmerising to everyone, even the reader who should be able to see through her. She is like an enchantress, weaving the actions and words of everyone and everything to her benefit.

I loved the lavish lifestyle of Rose and Odalie as described in this book. It makes me want to bob my long hair and loose a lot of weight so I can pull of the gorgeous outfits, and move into a sumptuous suite in a hotel.

I think you'll appreciate this book about prohibition New York best with a gin and tonic or a champagne cocktail. I know it made me want one!

I received this as a Goodreads First Read. Thank you very much Penguin for this wonderful read.

I first read this book in May and I still can't stop thinking about it. It's the type of book that gets into your head and stays with you.

I still want to drink cocktails and smoke cigarettes in long holders and wear gorgeous clothes and live in an opulent hotel. Heck, I even want to work as a civilian in the police force (seriously).

I'm still wondering about that ending, about how it all ended up like that and how crazy the journey was. I even contacted the author to tell her how much I enjoyed this book - and she's lovely.

I will be re-reading this book, that is certain. It will be my cheeky Christmas read - it's lavish enough to make the season all the more special.