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Silencing Sapphire

Silencing Sapphire - Mia Thompson A very easy 5 stars.

This was even better than the first.

This book is slightly different from the first, but I'm not altogether sure how. It's bloody excellent though.

As part of a series, it works great. There is a summary of the previous book but it isn't glaringly obvious and obtrusive. It's subtle and fits really well into the story as it's narrated. As such, this would also work well as a standalone. But I'd suggest reading the first book too, because it is all kinds of wonderful.

How much of my copy have I highlighted for awesomeness? About 90%. The only reason the whole thing isn't highlighted is it would have made my eyes go all funny.

Sapphire is one of my favourite characters. She gets herself into such situations... And she is so bloody strong. Physically and mentally, she kicks ass and kicks it well.

Silencing Sapphire is more brutal and shocking than the first and still has that refreshing lack of graphic sex which makes it really stand out as excellent within the New Adult genre. The pacing is just as subtle and gripping as the first, with the same jaw-dropping WHAT?! ending.

Copy received via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.