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On Thin Ice - P.J. Sharon, Addy Overbeeke This was a surprisingly good read, but my did it run on and on. And there were some clichés. Well, a lot.

I think there's only one way I can properly review this...

It's basically like bingo with YA/NA clichés. First you make a 3x3 grid, then you pop some clichés into each little box. Every time you come across a cliché that you have on your grid you take a shot. When you get a line or four corners you down your whole drink. When you get a full house... Well, you'll probably be too pissed by then to care that you have to down a pint of straight vodka.

Take some angst and eating disorders and a dying parent, add some insta-love and sexual assault and a baby, then stir in a straight A student who's stunning and doesn't even know it and you've pretty much got this covered.

That said, it was pretty good. I couldn't stop reading. Even when the words went all woozy because I'd filled three grids with cliché bingo and full-housed them all. This book covers a lot of very serious issues, but I felt it was too much. I know that sometimes the world shits on you, but if it happens to this extent then you should probably take a step back and see what you're doing wrong.