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Knight's Mistress - C.C. Gibbs First of all - thank you for the signed copy! Won via Goodreads First Reads. This has in no way altered my judgement of this book and my review is honest.

I thought Knight's Mistress was going to be just another 50-Shades-esque book. The beginning was deja-vu - intimidating-billionaire-interview, instant-attraction and inner monologues. But it's not. This book is different. This book is real.

Knight's Mistress is set over a few short days, but just like falling in love those few short days seem to last forever. And that makes this book, no matter how unrealistic the circumstances, completely believeable.

Katherine is a strong character, a no-nonsense young woman who knows what she wants and will get it. She's strong, with her own opinions, and she's SMART. She's very smart.

Dominic is your typical more-money-than-sense but he still cares. He was never going to force Katherine into anything she didn't want.

Both characters are devastatingly manipulative with each other, but they both know it and it's like a game. The balance between the characters is excellent. It focuses mostly on Kate, but when Dominic gets his narrative voice it sets them on equal footing and strengthens them both as characters.

I didn't like the constant "Ummmm". Ummmm to me is an indecisive noise, the sound you make when you're not sure what to say. I'd have preferred some Hmmm and Mmmm and Ahhh to break it up a little, and "Ummmm" did distract from my reading a little.

And Katherine must be EXHAUSTED. Every single muscle in her body tensing and un-tensing in such quick succession, over and over? It's dangerous to be that sensitive!

The ending was not what I expected, but I was glad for the twist. Although not a major cliffhanger, I'd happily read on in this series, if only to see if things will get better. They have to, right?

I think I'll go drink some chocolate milk now. Or some coffee. I'm not a fan of either, but this book has put the notion in my head.