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Witch Hunt - Tabitha Morrow This book is pretty amazing. It starts out as one genre and ends as another, almost the complete opposite, with a strand of fantasy woven all the way through.

This isn't the best written book out there, but I was hooked.

Better to be afraid of witches and murderers than to be one.

Witch Hunt is creepy and mysterious and thrilling, with twists and turns and little surprises. There are scenes to gush at, scenes to have you frozen in horror, scenes to make your blood boil, and scenes to make you cry. This is a full emotional roller-coaster, so get ready.

The characters develop really well and are well written; their understanding of various scenarios is very natural given the circumstances. You start to feel for the characters. Ruth probably grows and changes the most, but boy is she a little blind at times. Again, this is understandable, it's how it should be.

The ending was great too. Most of the loose ends were tied up, everything came together, but it's not happily ever after. The ending is left open so that there could be a follow on, but I like it as it is, all on its own.

Thanks to Diversion Books via NetGalley for a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.