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Gemini Rising - Eleanor Wood This is the perfect girly Young Adult story. It's got everything you could wish for, including a sneaky, creepy hint of the supernatural. So this is a very easy 4 stars, I really really liked it.

The characters were well written and this story was very believable. The situations and mannerisms were real. These teenage girls WERE teenage girls, wrapped up in school and trying to fix their lives and grow up too fast. I could really identify with Sorana, she reminded me of me - quiet, good as English, bad at Maths.

Unfortunately, I've never had a brain for Maths - I just don't.

Drink, drugs and rock'n'roll. And Ouija boards.

The story is fun and girly and humourous. You experience everything with Sorana - from her first hangover to her first funeral.

I like the way that the possibly supernatural bits were written - it's left up to the reader to decide. It makes this book perfect for those who don't like the supernatural and those who love it. FANTASTIC!

There are threads of mystery and a thrilling conclusion to the tension-filled story that's been building up and up from the very beginning. And it's not predictable. This story does not end how you think it will. I was truly shocked by the ending.

If you like [a:Sarra Manning|42559|Sarra Manning|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1267401953p2/42559.jpg] then you'll like Eleanor Wood. I hope to read more from her in future!

Thanks to Carina via NatGalley for a copy of this.