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If You Could Be Mine: A Novel

If You Could Be Mine: A Novel - Sara Farizan Good, but not great...

At first I had very high hopes as I was reminded of Bali Rai, an author I've loved reading since my teens. But this book didn't quite live up to them.

I loved the controversial topic, the conflict between the different characters and within the characters themselves. I loved the contrast between classes, between cultures.

But it didn't flow right for me. It didn't work. The right bits were all there, promising an awesome story, but it didn't click for me. I didn't like Sahar's wishful "quick-fix" and I didn't like the rushed ending.

BUT... The chapter headings in this book were gorgeous. And I love pretty things.

Overall, a good book with a promising plot, but I have read better.

Copy received via NetGalley in exchange for review.