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Witchstruck - Victoria' 'Lamb So, I finally got round to reading the first of the Tudor Witch books... And I was slightly disappointed. If I had read this one first I wouldn't have read the second, which would have been a shame.

It's not that this book's bad, it's just that it didn't catch my interest. I didn't feel compelled to read on as I had been with the second book.

I like the Tudor Witch world, that slightly messed up Tudor England where things are slightly different from what you''d expect.

I couldn't stand Dent, but I don't think you're supposed to like him - I think you're supposed to loathe him.

I didn't connect with Meg so much in this book, but I'm not sure why. Maybe I wasn't in the mood?

Overall, a good start to the trilogy, and I enjoyed it enough to read it in two sittings.

Copy received via Net Galley for review purposes.