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Reveal (Cryptid Tales) (Volume 1)

Reveal (Cryptid Tales) (Volume 1) - Brina Courtney I did enjoy this, but it was a pretty average YA PNR and it fit easily around the standard formula: she's always been speshul and OMG he's so fit and INSTA LOVE and then save the day cause together they're EXTRA speshul but oh wait this is a series so maybe the bad guy will come back.

That being said, sometimes you need a predictable read, something you know which is going to do its job. Reveal was entertaining and it did have it's standout points. The whole Cryptid idea was a pretty original take on what could have been bog-standard and just the same as so much other paranormal YA material.

None of the characters really made much of an impression on me, but I liked the ghost aspect. But then again, I love ghost stories.

I will probably read on in this series, because it really was an enjoyable read and I got through it pretty quickly considering how little times I was actually reading it.