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Armada Boy: A Wesley Peterson Crime Novel

Armada Boy: A Wesley Peterson Crime Novel - A great second book to the Wesley Peterson series.

I didn't enjoy this one quite so much as the first, but it was still really really good. I think it's because I didn't feel as much interest for the historical side of it this time round - the Spanish Armada wasn't taught to me at school (we jumped from Henry VIII to Queen Victoria) and there was never the same threat up here.

That the WW2 events in this book were based on real events was shocking and more than a little heartbreaking. Live ammo for an exercise? That more men could be lost in a single training exercise than in the whole of the D-Day happenings is just crazy.

I didn't feel that the American veterans were characterised as well as they could have been. But the rest of the characters were spot on.

I'd kind of guessed at the ending, the historical aspects of the book mirroring them made it pretty easy to work out. But I still enjoyed the story right to the end.

The best part of these books is the weaving of historical and contemporary crimes. Kate Ellis does this wonderfully and has a beautiful writing style that I just can't get enough of.

And yes, I've ordered the next one.