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Little Red Lies - Julie Johnston My, what a hard read that was. This book wasn't badly written, far from it in fact. But the main character Rachel is as selfish as you'll ever read. It was just too much for me.

Rachel is a nasty, selfish, stupid little girl. It all me, me, me with her. She's all "I don't care that my brother's dying, it's not fair that he gets all the attention and I'm treated like a slave when all I'm actually ever asked to do is help dry the dishes and set the table". Urgh. Shut up.

She's angry and resentful of her family for NO REASON. Then, when her mother has a baby it has to sleep in a Moses basket and then in the tiny sewing room because the only other space is in Rachel's room and she's all "I don't intend to share my room. Why should I?"

I just felt like screaming YOU SELFISH SPOILED BITCH, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE at her and slamming the book shut. But I didn't, because surely she was about to grow up and learn a lesson humility..?

As it happens, she doesn't. Rachel stays a child right up to the very end.

Now, the end. The whole book was building up to the end. It was overall a rather flat end to the book. I think you were meant to want to cry and be totally shocked and heartbroken, but I just though "oh, that's a bit sad" and closed the book.

If I think back on this book at all it'll probably be in frustration thanks to Little Miss Selfish.