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Assured Destruction

Assured Destruction - Michael F. Stewart What a sweet little read this was.

For one thing, Janus is such a refreshing and complex character. She's a computer-geek, who despite being super-smart is failing. She's obsessed with Shadownet, her creation, listening and responding to the clever voices she has created. This YA has the obligatory who-do-I-love triangle, but it's understandable and real (even if I think she goes for the wrong guy).

She's done wrong and she gets punished - in more ways than one. It was fantastic, the way the tale weaves through her wrong-doing and how she knows it's wrong but doesn't know, not really. She knows that people will probably be hurt, and then they are and she feels terrible. But she redeems herself, in her own way.

I loved the twist at the end - I certainly did NOT see that coming.