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A Taste for Blood - David Stuart Davies I didn't really want this story to end. I didn't know how it was going to end, and I just loved that feeling. Too often can you predict what's going to happen in a book, but A Taste For Blood? Nope. You can't.

First take a look at the cover. It's dark and twisted and broody and makes me think of Jack the Ripper, a world awash with blood.

I love crime books, I probably read one each week, but I didn't think this would be my cup of tea. How wrong I was. It was like a pot of steaming Darjeeling.

The narrative switches between a few different characters in this book, but that didn't bother me at all. All of the characters had their own strong voice, their own mannerisms with language which made them stand apart from each other.

The characters are really very British, so there's an abundance of tea - and we all know how I love my tea.

I grinned. "I'm anybody's for a cuppa and a biscuit."

I could relate to the characters. Well, most of them. Not really Sexton or Northcote. Eew. Although I did understand Northcote's motives towards the end. My favourite character to read was probably David Llewellyn.

This book twists and turns so unexpectedly that I re-read more than a few sections, just to make sure I'd taken it all in properly. It's gruesome and violent and more than once my toes curled. It's horrific in the way that all good crime should be, with blood and gore everywhere and enough mystery to keep you, as a reader, on your toes.

Some things didn't really work for me though. Mostly the setting. World War Two London, and the characters are popping into pubs for a sandwich and caf├ęs for meals, and drinking lots of overly sweet tea and alcohol. It doesn't make sense to me that these resources would be so readily available in wartime London with rationing in full swing. I'm a tea addict (and tea-geek) so I know how little tea was available, not to even mention the more scarce products like sugar, and it just doesn't add up to me.

Copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for honest review. ISBN 9781907230486.