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Every Breath You Take - Sheila Quigley This is probably the best in the Lorraine Hunt series. Full of twists and turns and turmoil and mystery.

My favourite part of this book is how real everything is. From everyone in a household crowding round the window to watch a police raid across the road (don't turn the light on or they'll see us watching!) to a daughter pushing the boundaries with a father she never knew she had.

The romance in this book builds slowly with the adult characters, but the teenage characters have exactly the right amount of young-impulsiveness that lets them love so freely and eagerly.

The crimes are gruesome and horrific, with a twisted killer and some unexpected deaths. Sheila Quigley is not afraid to kill some pretty awesome characters, who you think will hang around for at least a whole book. These deaths are shocking but just add to this already pretty amazing book.

One more to go, and I'll be quite sad when I get to the end of this series. I started reading it in high-school and it's stayed with me easily these past six or seven years.