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In Too Deep - Bea Davenport What's that? First review for this book? How lucky I am!

This was a great read.

When I think crime, I don't think summer read. But I've read this whole book in the sun in my garden. It works. The setting is great and I could picture Dowerby perfectly. Although I knew it was set somewhere inspired by Alnwick and other Northern market towns, I was picturing Dowery just like that anyway, and would have regardless.

Maura was a rather frustrating character. She was in a poisonous relationship with her husband, and my, what a dick he was! Men like Nick deserve to die a very slow and painful death and I'm very glad of how the end turned out. Kim was great - glamorous and sassy she was just what Dowerby needed. And she wasn't afraid, not until the very end - and anyone would have been terrified then.

I feel sorry for Rosie in all of this and don't understand why she didn't say anything at nursery - isn't that the kind of thing a child would mention? Daddy made mummy cry? But then again, Dowerby's the kind of place this wouldn't have been taken further.

I loved the conflict between the characters and I loved the setting. I liked a lot of what the book had to say but resented some things.

Having attended an event with the author and hearing her talk of the book, I really want to know what the strand of romance was that she had had to edit out! I look forward to reading more of her adult offerings - and perhaps her young adult if they are published?