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Living On a Prayer - Sheila Quigley The best thing about these books is that you do not need to read them in order. They are good as stand alone books.

But if you read them as a series, in order, you will experience something different. Sheila Quigley doesn't forget the characters of her previous books, and even minor ones make an appearance in this one.

This book has EVERYTHING. A dangerous cult, poisonous relationships, murder, drug smuggling, illegal importation, growing romance, mystery, crime, thriller... But it's NOT too much. It's perfect.

I strangely cared for some of the criminals - it was the locals doing the booze/cigarette run. Their hearts were (mostly) in the right place even if I did think it unnecessary to have to illegally sell cigarettes and alcohol to get by - surely just giving up smoking and drinking themselves would help? I was glad with the way that whole situation turned out though, Jacko has a heart of gold in this book too.

I loved the colloquialisms, but I think some people might struggle with them, especially if they don't know the accent and pronunciations.