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Undertaking Love

Undertaking Love - Kat French This book is a perfect chick-lit.

It has all of the right ingredients and they're mixed together in a special way which makes it stand out from the crowd.

I was expecting light and fluffy, and instead I got a passionate and well paced story which made me laugh and chuckle and almost seethe with anger. This story follows a group of people, all with their own problems and passions, and this makes the story all the more beautiful.

A nuclear lust bomb exploded behind her rib cage, sending slivers of awareness hurtling through her body in all directions.

The conversation between friends, and between couples, flows very naturally with an understandable humour.

This story is heart-breaking and heart-warming all at once, and it reminds you of what love really is, how love really feels and what love really means. There is real passion and conflict, this is not love at first sight.

If he needed a sign, he should have said. She would have hurled a bucket of cold water over him.

I was gushing at everything between Dora and Ivan, and I shed more than one tear too.

She is more than just my guiding light. She is the rock that this lighthouse stands on.

This book makes me more glad than ever that I have found the rock that my lighthouse stands on.

Have a glass of wine with this book. Or a bottle. It depends how much it makes you want to drown your sorrows.

Copy received in exchange for honest review.