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The Hit - Melvin Burgess I wanted so badly to be able to give this book 5 stars. And not only because it was my birthday book. And it has my surname in. Even if it's the bad guys. My name isn't exactly common and doesn't pop up in print often.

[a:Melvin Burgess|56977|Melvin Burgess|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1206545905p2/56977.jpg] is one of my firm favourite authors and his books always shock, filled with controversy. But this book didn't quite live up to my expectations, and perhaps it's my own expectations which have disappointed me. I couldn't help but compare The Hit to [b:Junk|98973|Junk|Melvin Burgess|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1171430616s/98973.jpg|2756729], they're by the same author and focus on the same type of gritty world of drugs and crime and nastiness. Don't get me wrong, this book is awesome. It's really good, fast paced and shocking.

The beginning reminded me a lot of [b:Sara's Face|2297300|Sara's Face|Melvin Burgess|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348516218s/2297300.jpg|2303617], with the huge influential pop-star doing something crazy and attention grabbing to secure his immortal memory.

There was something about the overall finish of this edition (perhaps it's different for others) which felt sloppy and rushed. There were bits like this: "What are going to do" "She was aware that were really rather hidden" "there'd only ever had". I think that the fantastic fast pace of this book covered up more of these sloppy lapses of sense, but when they popped up they seriously distracted me. I found myself reading the same paragraph over and again in-case I had misread and the dodgy sentences would make sense, but no :( Maybe it's because it used to be my job working in pre-press to check for errors that I spotted them and you'll have better luck.

That aside, this book has some delicious imagery. He was wearing a suit so sharp you could have tied his lapels to your shoes and skated on them. This is the magic on which this book is really built.

There are surprises and twists and turns.

This book is brutal and violent. What else could it be? From suicidal EVERYONES to fanatical Zealots to gangsters, add a bit of rich versus poor and you have an explosion waiting to happen. This book is terrifyingly plausible, this world could very well be our future. What if this is real?

I have to say, I didn't like Adam much. He was so selfish. A total dickhead. And that's being nice. I was glad when his world started falling down around him because he deserved it, and he needed that disappointment. I liked Lizzie though. Yeah, she was spoiled, and Adam pushed her into one hell of a corner, but she had her head screwed on right. I felt to awful for her at points in the book, and I was always rooting for her. I want to know what'll happen to her now - she's still got so much to experience.

I didn't like that the victims in all of this, those innocent of crime who hadn't taken Death, were seemingly ignored. Even Lizzie expresses her fear of being attacked by Deathers, gang raped, murdered. But that all seems to have been forgotten at the end. Viva la revolution and all that.

I wouldn't take death. I know how it feels to live bang on the breadline and even below, but I value my life too much. I value my friends and family. What about you?

Drink a red bull while reading this. Or a Jagerbomb. Something nasty.