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Goodnight Sweetheart - Annie Groves I intensely dislike the majority of characters in this book. How can so many people be like that? So bitchy and nasty and short with one another, or trying to control the every action of the poor, dear, beautiful protagonist.

It's your run of the mill wartime saga - dragging on for too long, about a female character who doesn't really develop much past the quivering walk-over she was at the beginning, falling in love with someone who's perfect only to lose him and then falling in love again with an arrogant dick...

Little Miss Molly Mary-Sue Dearden was just too much of a Mary-Sue, even though she knew she was vaguely attractive. And she was really quite dumb and needed to grow a pair and tell her sister June to just shut up and mind her business.

And June. God, don't get me started on June. How could someone possibly be so obnoxious and nasty and judgemental?

Overall: Not the worst wartime saga I've read, but Annie Groves has produced much better material recently.