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Until the Darkness Comes

Until the Darkness Comes - Kevin Brooks I don't know how I feel about this book. I liked it, but I didn't.

It's even more brutal than the first, yet I still read it to the end, flinching at the thought of all of that pain. I'm not a violent person, I don't like violence at all and it makes me uncomfortable to read it.
Until the Darkness Comes makes me want to drink whiskey and I don't even like the stuff that much. A nice one like Ballantines.

Kevin Brooks continues with his wonderful writing style, and PI John Craine's voice really comes through.

And it was fantastic to read more about Hale island. This book answers questions that I was left wondering about after [b:Lucas|636197|Lucas|Kevin Brooks|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348122998s/636197.jpg|2395659] and if you haven't read it, read it. This sordid little island was the perfect place for both books to be set.