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After Eden

After Eden - Helen  Douglas 5 Words: Flat, scientific, artsy, teens, true-love.

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So, I'm not a fan of time travel. And I really didn't understand it in this one (they majorly changed the past, surely that'd change the fact that timetravel was even discovered?!) and it annoyed me.

But this story was sweet in a way, and a quick read.

I was disappointed by the two dimensional characters, they were very flat. Eden was perhaps the worst of the lot, and she was the main character. I meant that I couldn't get invested in the story.

I found the plot extremely predictable, especially the "twist".

I did like the setting. I LOVE to read teen stories set in the UK - the market is completely saturated by US teens (even written by British authors! I'm looking at you Beth Reekles) and even after reading it for so long I still don't understand the US education system. I also loved the beach setting although tomb-stoning? Seriously? Disgusting that it was wrote about as being such fun and totally irresponsible.

I just wish that the ending hadn't been so happily-ever-after. An unhappy ending would have suited this story so well and would have made it much more enjoyable and refreshing to read.

And oh god, I just realised there's another one. I will read it, because it was pleasant enough and good for a rainy day (which today was) but it won't be top of my TBR on its release.

So, any suggestions for a story with an unhappy ending?