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The Operator (A Bruce and Bennett Mystery - Book 2)

The Operator (A Bruce and Bennett Mystery - Book 2) - Valerie Laws More of Valerie Laws' poetic, lyrical, witty writing. This woman is the queen of beautiful writing.

The late autumn sun cut through the atmosphere almost horizontally, rather than down onto the trees, picking out the rose hips in the hedges so they gleamed like beads of blood, and making the leaves glow like stained glass.

I really love Erica, I have a mega girl-crush on her. She is a captivating character. She's intelligent and strong and passionate and more than a little messed up. She makes me want to run as fast and as far as I can for as long as I can.

I imagine Stacey looking pretty much like Denise from Hebburn. She's blowsy and brave and knows what (and who) she wants. She's surprisingly strong, and once you understand her she is far far deeper than you'd ever realise. She's hilarious in her mannerisms and beliefs, and up-front about everything.

Sally is a bit of a bitch, aloof and always looking down her nose. But she just wants to get ahead in a world dominated by men. Of course she'd be bitter.

What I love the most is that these three unlikely ladies all have one thing in common: they are feminists. I freaking love that feminism is not shied away from in this. Feminism is not a dirty word and it's so natural they way it's presented that you don't even notice it unless it's something already on your mind.

Maybe they were afraid she'd menstruate on their furniture.

Will is just as stubborn as ever too. I wish he'd just man up and talk to Erica. The passion between them is immense and I want so badly for them to be together. They hate each other too much not to end up together one day.

The story twists and turns, slowly building up to a pretty epic, thrilling finale. I couldn't stop reading, couldn't stop thinking about it when I couldn't pick it up and read more. It's shocking and disturbing and haunting. This story is crazy good.

The Operator makes me long for Autumn and Winter, for long nights and short days, clouds and rain and frost.

Christmas was thundering closer like a herd of rabid reindeer.

And oh yes, I'l longing for Christmas too!