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The Rotting Spot - Valerie Laws I have to say, I loved this local read. The writing is absolutely sublime.

It took me a while to get in to this book, but once I started I was hooked. And MY, WHAT A TWIST! This novel plays out wonderfully, with everything that could possibly be wanted from a crime novel. I cared for the characters and was genuinely interested in everything about them. The Skull Hunting is particularly interesting - gruesome but wonderful at the same time, fascinating. It made me want to look things up, research further to better understand the characters and their motives.

I loved that even before the author's note at the end, I knew where this book was set - I could see Seaton Sluice and Whitley Bay without being told, they're described wonderfully. It makes me want to go and explore the area further. And I'd love to read more of Erica Bruce. I turned the last page and wanted to continue reading.

Valerie Laws really captured the atmosphere of a an English sea-side town. You could feel that it was past its hey day. This book was a glorious display of showing you what was happening rather than telling you. Wonderful writing!