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Rolling Dice - Beth Reekles An easy-read 3.5 stars.

This was a fun read which was exactly what I expected. Well, almost. The ending was better than I thought it'd be.

This was a pretty quick read, the kind of thing I'd pick up on a rainy day to cheer myself up.

One thing I can definitely say is that Beth Reekles' writing has improved since her first book, which is great and makes her one to watch.

I didn't really connect with Maddie, the main character, which is weird as I enjoyed this book. Usually when I don't enjoy a book it's because I don't click with the main character. I did sympathise with Maddie, but what she went through at school was nothing compared to what I went through at high-school and I felt like she should have sucked it up and put on a brave face. Yeah, words can hurt, but use them to make yourself stronger.

I only wish the author would write about a British school environment instead of an American one. It does come through at times that it's not her native system.


Dear Beth,
I get that the US is probably the biggest market, but don't be afraid to stand out from the run-of-the-mill crowd and write about the UK. You know it better than you know the US.