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Fancy a Cuppa by the Cathedral?

Fancy a Cuppa by the Cathedral? - Simon Duffin This is a GREAT guide to Cathedrals and tea and coffee shops around the UK.

It is very informative and interesting - I thought I knew about my "local" cathedrals, but this guide taught even me a thing or two.

And it's not just the cathedral's you learn about. You also learn about the caf├ęs and the people behind them. The real people. These coffee houses and tea rooms are all about the localities, with home-made goodies and really cool quirks. This book is a bit of a champion for small businesses.

I have visited some of the cathedrals and businesses in this and I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendations with which I'm familiar - they are spot on!

If you're going to ANY cathedral town, then get this. You'll have a great day out and a fab afternoon treat too.

Thanks to Troubador via NetGalley for a copy of this. It's going to provide many excellent days out!