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Maelyn (The Nine Princesses Novellas): 1

Maelyn - Anita Valle This was definitely amazing for a novella.

Go and download it now. Go on. It's free on kindle.

As an adult, I thought it was great. I would have enjoyed this as a teen too and as a child would have loved it. It has all of the right ingredients for a fairytale.

And that's what I think this is - a fairytale. It has a soft, lyrical narrative, an evil uncle, conflict between the characters and a moral to the story. Perfect for escaping for anyone of any age.

Maelyn is a great character.

Ten minutes of careful searching later, Maelyn faced the dismal truth - she was bookless.

I felt that I could relate to her. She is the eldest sister and has a love of reading. She's trying so hard to keep everything together, to be the strong one.

Maelyn smiled. If books could have litters she'd be just as happy.

And she escapes in to books. She shares her love of reading and stories with her eight sisters during reading hour, but she also escapes on her own.

Maelyn sank into the world the words wrapped around her, hushing everything that hurt, and seeping tranquility right down to her toes. She was home.