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TheBoot Camp by Harrison, Kate ( Author ) ON Aug-02-2012, Paperback

The Boot Camp - Kate Harrison This was a great, fun read.

As a bootcamping bookworm I was really interested in reading this one, to see how it compared with my own experiences. The bootcamp I attend isn't a week-long retreat like in this book, it's a four-evening a week kind of thing which fits in around my work.

I loved some of the quotes in this book. The evils of burpees were exalted at every turn, and I speak from experience when I say that yes, they're evil.

I only wish the characters had felt more of that unbearable pain that comes the first day after the most extensive workout of your life. It was like they were a little bit sore and that was it. After my first 45-minute session at my bootcamp, I was taking painkillers and bracing myself for cold showers to dampen the pain for the whole of the next day.

I particularly liked the way the results were shown. The characters didn't realise it, but they had changed. Whether they'd taken control of their own lives or lost some weight or toned up or found love, they weren't the same person they were when they started the week.