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Human Remains - Elizabeth Haynes DNF at 30%, which is a little over four hours in. I could not do the other 9, no way.


This audiobook was awful. Truly awful.

Before I bought it, I listened to the sample. The sample was great; a British narrator with a pleasant voice who I felt really brought the character to life. I enjoyed the humour in the writing even in the five minute sample. And Human Remains was quite pleasant to listen to. For the first chapter. Only. Which is only thirteen minutes long.

In the second chapter, Karen Cass narrates a new character, Colin. Now, you are supposed to hate Colin. He's not a character you're supposed to feel comfortable listening to. But Karen's voice for Colin actually made me feel sick. My jaw aches from grinding my teeth upon hearing THAT voice again and again every alternate chapter. The voice (and not even the character) is the most annoying, pretentious, condescending thing I've ever heard. You know that person everyone hates, who you just want to punch, with THAT voice? Yeah. That's the voice for Collin.

And this just affected my whole enjoyment (or lack of) as it turns out Karen Cass's different voices aren't really different at all.

I'm sure the story itself was actually OK. In fact, I think it was pretty good. There was an underlying and pretty scary message to what I read - what if no one realised you were dead? What if your neighbours didn't even realise you were gone or that something was wrong until the smell of your decomposing corpse hit their noses weeks or even months later?