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The Book of Souls (Inspector Mclean Mystery 2)

The Book of Souls - James  Oswald James Oswald has avoided the second-book-curse with The Book Of Souls. It is every bit as gripping, thrilling, and down-right excellent as the first Inspector McLean. With this book, James Oswald has further established himself as one to watch in the crime fiction genre.

The first chapter isn't as horrifying as the first chapter in Natural Causes, and thank goodness. But it is still every bit as powerful, dragging you into the story.

You learn more than ever about Detective Constable Tony McLean in this novel. You realise just how much he's been through. I guess it didn't strike me as much in the first as I felt so much more when reading this one.

This book starts with a twist. And then they keep coming, keep sending the story in another direction until you get to that thrilling, heart-stopping ending.

I read the entirety of the end of this book with my mouth open in shock. I couldn't stop reading, couldn't put it down, until I knew what had happened, how it would end. Riveting, addictive, shocking... I could never have predicted that.

Again, the author brings in a take-it-or-leave-it fantasy element. I love that it's left up to the reader to decide whether they believe it or not, just as it's left up to the characters. I also love how it brings internal conflict to Tony McLean, as he himself has to decide whether he believes in such powers.

With that ending, I am itching to get my hands on the next book.