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The Paradise Tree - Linda Huber I don't know... I didn't enjoy this as much as I could have. I think it was the narrative of "the stranger", it just felt so unnecessary. And I didn't like the character.

Although I enjoyed a lot of this book, some things really annoyed me. A lot of it seemed like it was trying so hard to be mysterious and "who is it?" that it was just painfully obvious. I guessed who "the stranger" was.

I liked the relationship between Alicia and Jenny, it felt very natural. I didn't understand why Alicia was so torn about sending her once-abusive father into a specialist care home. I mean, really? All she did was bitch about how she didn't want to take care of him, felt repulsed when she was near him, but was it fair to put him in a specialist home? Too bloody right it was and I wish it hadn't taken the walkabout incident to make her finally do it.

Overall an OK read, but I wouldn't read it again.