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A Christmas to Remember

A Christmas to Remember - Katie Flynn I loved this. I loved this and it's sparkly cover. Yes, sparkles!

When I see books by Katie Flynn, and indeed other authors of the romantic-saga-type genre, I think Oh, I know what I'm in for. These are the books I turn to when I need something which will make my heart swell and put a huge smile on my face. But boy, this was different. Right from the first pages I knew that although it would still most likely follow the usual formula, there was something which wouldn't.

And that was the main character, Tess.

This book read a little like a young adult and I seriously enjoyed it. Tess is a young adult herself and this follows her tough journey through post-evacuation life living with her only relative, her gran. We see her try to figure out who she loves, we see her grow up and we see her realise that she was a little selfish at times and work to rectify that.

There are twists and turns and oh-my-gosh moments all through this, and although the ending was a little fast for me, I will certainly read this again.

No matter your age, I think you'll enjoy this. This book is so much more than the genre it's in, and it's a book for everyone to enjoy. This is a book for all times of the year, not just Christmas, despite what the cover implies - I would have been just as comfortable and content reading this in the height of summer!