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This Northern Sky - Julia Green Read this book. Read it now and then tell everyone.

Look at the pretty cover. It's striking and elegant all at once. But it doesn't suit the story for me. In fact, it put me off reading this for a while. The cover could be so so much more, could be so beautiful just like the island. I understand that it's meant to "go" with the covers of other books, but it's a little disappointing once you've read the AMAZING story.

This story is haunting and beautiful and I loved it. I will definitely re-read this book. I was reminded of [b:Lucas|294817|Lucas|Kevin Brooks|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1328867454s/294817.jpg|2395659] by Kevin Brooks, Kate's narrative voice reminded me of Cait, and the island setting, although VERY different, seemed to reinforce this. That's not a bad thing, Lucas is one of my favourite books. But This Northern Sky is NOTHING like Lucas, aside from being haunting, a book that will stay with you.

I love the beginning. I love how it holds back, but is still chock-full of description. I love the feeling of isolation and loneliness which is compounded by the vivid, dark descriptions. I've highlighted so many passages.

The characters are fluid and natural and develop wonderfully. I love them all, with their flaws and imperfections.

Kate is a great character. Julia Green has done a fantastic job with her - she's so believable, so real. She grows and changes, and it's all completely right. It's exactly how it should be. She matures. She grows up. She lets go. Even her appearance changes, but of course it would.

And the island... Oh my gosh, the island. Please can I go to this beautiful place? It's my idea of paradise, and was from the beginning, although Kate feels differently. A fifteen year old dragged away from suburbia to a remote island with nothing to do? Heaven for me, but it's what made Kate real from the very start. I love how the island isn't simple. It's hard. Life depends on the weather and so far out to sea you can't predict it.

My favourite part of the book was definitely that special moment in the middle of the night on the beach. I don't want to spoil that magical moment, so you'll have to read and experience it for yourself. The scene is all the more powerful because of what's already happened.

I love the ending. I love how everything comes so beautifully together, but isn't rushed. My heart felt like it was going to burst with all of the emotion this book filled me with. So much hope and love and a crushing hint of sorrow. It brings you back, subtly, to the start and you want to read it and experience everything all over again.

Read this book. Read it now and then tell everyone.

Thank you so much to Bloomsbury and Net Galley for a copy of this. I am so glad to have read this!

ETA: I'm still thinking about this book almost six months later.