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Gotta Go To Come Back (The Abby George Series)

Gotta Go To Come Back - Anne Kemp Well... That was, uh... Hmm...

It felt like I was reading part of a book, a couple of chapters, the kind of thing you'd expect from an excerpt or a freebie. Except this isn't, this is the *third* book in the Abbey George series. And if this third book is anything to go by, perhaps all three books could have been shoved into one and made a longer, more pleasant and less disjointed read.

The characters were shallow and lifeless and I had no clue what they looked like, not one, for the WHOLE book. I know I haven't read the previous two books, but a good series is marked by how well you can pick up any book and fall into the story. And this you cannot. The story itself is disjointed and jumpy, and I found myself confused at the beginning of each chapter (of which there were few). Perhaps this was because of the extremely short length of this story - it wasn't long enough to get a feel of Anne Kemp's writing style.

And then there's Abby, the main character - she has a very short will-I-won't-I internal battle and then TAH-DAH the story's over and she doesn't even consider the other offer so this whole book could have been avoided.

It gets two stars because it was pleasant enough for a "nothing" book - nothing happened, nothing drew me in, nothing got me hooked, but it's not the worst writing I've ever read.

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