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Cold Remains - Sally Spedding This review may change as I think more about what I have just read. This book was pretty amazing and different to anything I've read.

This book has a fantastic, well paced beginning. It's a slow to start but not a bad slow. A good slow which builds pace and lets the plot unravel wonderfully. I like the idea of an aspiring writer being the main protagonist too, and I'm not sure why.

Set in the dramatic Welsh mountains, this mystery/thriller/horror/crime novel is every bit as dark and brooding (and mysterious) as the cover implies. And then some. OK, so I cannot pronounce most of the Welsh but hey-ho, I'm not Welsh. It didn't really matter really. I spent a lot of time placing myself there, in the remote mountains, surrounded by evergreen plantation forests and rusting equipment, swirling mist and soaking rain. I could smell the cloying scent of roses, hear the rooks calling.

As the story goes on it gets creepier and creepier. I found myself reading faster and faster, eager to know what malevolent turn this book would take next. It is deliciously dark and twisted and atmospheric. and just when you think you have everything worked out BAM! Oh no you don't. Because there is another unexpected sinister twist.

This book is as haunting as the plot and the characters, and will probably stay with me for a long time.

ISBN: 9781907230394