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The New Girl - Tracie Puckett The cover is deceiving - this is not a light fluffy lemon soufflé of a romance with lots of sex. It is a fantastic little YA read which will cheer you right up if you're feeling down. And best of all it's free. So go read it!

I'll admit, I did frown when I read Abcdef Ghijk as a name... And I'm still not sold on the bat-shit mother. But Steph ('cdef, how clever) is a pretty awesome character in this surprisingly excellent little (and free!) read.

Although this is a pretty tame YA, it's filled with tension and conflict and friendships and the THAT'S NOT FAIR feeling you should experience at least once from this kind of YA. Fan of school drama? You'll be a fan of this.

The only bad thing is that now I think I'm hooked, and I'm going to have to buy the rest to see where this goes!