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Promise You won't Tell?

Promise You won't Tell? - John  Locke This book was nothing like a thought it would be. But it was pretty great despite that.

And I loved that twist at the end, I didn't quite see that coming.

I like Dani and I'll probably read more of this series. She's smart and sexy and savvy, and so strong. I loved how she was so passionate about catching the bad guys, the predators. I wasn't sure about Riley at first, but by the end she was every bit as amazing as Dani.

Ethan was vile, absolutely vile. And he was meant to be. I'm just a little disappointed that he didn't get properly punished. What's a few million dollars to someone that rich?

Overall a great read, which I'd recommend to pretty much anyone. I'd say this is a New Adult Crime Thriller Mystery, what a mix.