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In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1)

In Search of a Love Story (Love Story, #1) - Rachel Schurig This is about as girly as chick-lit gets.

It's frustrating enough to have you sighing out loud about Emily and her troubles, but not so frustrating that you want to throw the book across the room. You just want to carry on reading so you know that she's going to get away from a certain guy, who is NOT Mr Right, and finally fall in to the arms of the perfect man for her. How could she be so blind?!

The beginning of this book is Emily moping around after finding out that her Mr Right Now is not a good guy. He's a dick. But Rachel Schurig doesn't let Emily mope for long. By the end of chapter three we see the end of ice-cream and pizza and alcohol and Emily mans up and gets back out there.

Is predictability bad in a chick-lit? I found is reassuring. I kinda knew where the story was going - and was pleasantly surprised at times. This is a perfect summer read and just the type of book I'd like to start my birthday with, especially with such an up-beat, happy, and perfect ending.

Have some wine or some shots while you read this!